Increase the Return on Investment for your Events and Exhibitors

Leverage mobile marketing bring more people to your event.

Mobile Marketing has come of Age

People use mobile phones to access the internet today MORE than desktops.

Reduce Marketing Costs

Empower your Exhibitors

EventVenue Chat – CHATBOTS for events and venues

What is an Event and Venue ChatBot?

Event and Venue ChatBots run behind your Facebook Page in Facebook Messenger, soon in Instagram and WhatsApp. 

Event and Venue Chatbots empower event and venues throughout the World to automatically build a permission led, segmentable database of people visiting their venues.

Through an easy to use web interface, it offers artificial intelligence and mobile marketing to develop and cultivate deep and meaningful personal relationships with exhibition attendees, at scale.

Event and Venue Chat brings them back to your venue time and time again, driving more revenue for your exhibitors.

 Organiser Benefits

Establish an information rich permission based, segmentable list of people visiting your venue automatically.
Manage multiple events, exhibitor listings, promotions and events from our bespoke centre management web interface dashboard
Put your visitors in contact with your exhibitors, before, during and after the event has finished  – increasing their return on investment.


Exhibitor Dashboard allows exhibitors to publish promotions to attendees directly.


Visitor Benefits

Faster and more convenient way to find what they want
Increased awareness of Events, Events within Events, Event Exhibitors and Venue Services.
Personalised relationship with your Venue  using the power of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing
Nothing new to download – your users already have the Apps on their phones 

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