Add an Event

In this section, you can start to add and configure events that will automatically appear in your ChatBot.

  • Add the Event Name (max 45 characters including spaces) , the Event Description (max 80 characters including spaces)
  • Event Start and End Date and Time.
  • If you would like to send users to a website or Facebook, enter the url.
  • Upload a picture of the event. Image to be 900 pixels x 900 pixels and in jpeg format. See previous comments about compressing jpegs.
  • If the entire event is taking place at an Event Sub-Venue then add the Sub-Venue from the Dropdown.

Invite an Event Organiser to manage content related to an event.


If your event will have Seminars and/or Exhibitors then toggle the buttons to make these options to appear in the menu.

Deploy your Chatbot

Now that your Chatbot is ready to be deployed, here are the steps to take:

  1. Choose your platform

Your Chatbot can be deployed into many different platforms. We currently support Facebook Messenger (with Instagram and WhatsApp coming soon). To deploy your Chatbot into these channels we use ManyChat.

2. Sign up with ManyChat

ManyChat is one of the biggest Bot making platforms that exists today. Sign up to ManyChat www.manychat.com and open a pro account by adding your card details. If your organisation doesn’t have a card to use for this, then please contact us at contact@eventvenues.chat to set up an alternative payment solution. To add your card details click on the Upgrade to Pro button and then Settings>Billing. More on how to do this here.

Signing into ManyChat is done using your Facebook profile.

Please ensure that your Facebook Profile has Admin rights to your organisations Facebook Page.

When signing into ManyChat, you will be asked to connect to the Facebook Pages which are associated with your Facebook Profile used when signing up.

More information on signing up to ManyChat can be found here.


Add Services

Now that the Service Categories have been set up, you can start to add the different Services offered by the Event Venue.

Please note: this does not include ticket sales, details on events, etc but rather general information about the services offered by the Venue.

Click on the Add Event Service button

Add the Service name (limited to 45 characters including spaces), a brief description (limited to 80 characters including spaces), the telephone number, website and facebook page address.

Select a Service Category from the drop down menu and assign the Service to a category in the menu.

Add information about the service in the More Info section. These are limited to 640 characters including spaces. If you require additional space, simply click on the Add Message Block button. There is no limit to the number of blocks you can add.

Upload an image of the Service. Images must be 900 pixels by 900 pixels and preferably a jpeg which has been compressed as mentioned previously.


Add a Service Category

Let people know about the types of services your venue offers. It might be details on parking, disabled access, space hire or more.

To start with, arrange your services into categories. Then find an image (900 pixels x 900 pixels that best suits that category) and upload it. Please note that the category name cannot be longer than 45 characters including spaces.

To reduce image load times in your Chatbot, consider using jpegs only and also compressing them using online tool such as https://compressjpeg.com for example.

Once you have set up your categories, you will move onto the next section where you can add information about each service and assign it to a category.

Adding a Venue

Add your Event Venue by clicking on the Add Event Venue under the Event Venues tab at the top left of your screen.

Add your Event Venue Name, Address, Telephone, Facebook Page and image (must be square 900 pixels by 900 pixels).

The format for the telephone number should be +44 20 7021 1600 (country code then phone number).

The website format should start with http:// or https:// like this https://www.coinstreet.org

You can leave the manager and password field free.