Visitor List

Every person who registers for an event by buying a ticket (even FREE tickets) is asked for permission to store their data on our servers.

Each event list can be downloaded and used according to the permission granted by the user.

Add Seminar

Now that you have entered the Seminar  Categories, you will now add the Seminars to the Event.

  • Upload an image to represent the Seminar. Image must be 900 px by 900 px compressed jpeg.
  • Add a Sub Venue to inform the public where the Seminar is taking place.
  • Add a Name for the Seminar (max 45 characters)
  • Add a link to the Speakers Facebook Page or website
  • Add a brief description of the Seminar (max 80 characters including spaces)
  • Add a Start and End- date and time for the Seminar.
  • Assign the Seminar to a Seminar Category

Add Seminar Categories

If your event offers Seminars, then typically they would be put into different categories.

You can set up your categories here and when adding your Seminar details, you can assign them to this category.

  • Add a Category Name (no more than 45 characters)
  • Upload an image for the Category (900px by 900 px compressed jpeg)

Understanding the Feedback Summary

Here is a short guide to help you understand the Feedback Summary


Is the number of people who said they would recommend the event (or not) divided by the total number of respondents – updated in real time.


The percentage of people who gave 1 – 5 stars. 5 Stars being excellent. 

Key Performance Indicators

The percentage of people who responded 1 to 5 stars for each Key Performance Indicator.

Configure Feedback Questions

This is where you will edit your 5 Key Performance Indicators for the Event.

  • Click on Feedback Configuration in the menu. 
  • Toggle the Feedback module on or off.
  • Click on the pencil to edit the Key Performance Indicators.
  • Enter your 5 desired Key Performance Indicators
  • Define the time delay before asking the user for a review again.