8 ways a Chatbot can assist Event Venues

If your business is events, we can help your venue generate more visitors, more turnover, improve customer service and reduce advertising costs automatically without having to spend precious time or money or new technology. Your users are already using the apps we need. 



Chatbots are changing the way in which businesses can engage and respond to their clients’ needs.

In truth, they are one of the most exciting technological advances in recent years, allowing computers to communicate intelligently with humans using natural language.

They are incredibly flexible as well, so you can use chatbots across a wide variety of platforms including your website, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp… or even deployed into your own app. More about that later.

Whether you own an event venue or a part of the management delivering events, chatbots can be an invaluable tool for engaging with clients in real time, saving time – and money.
Let us look at the different ways a chatbot can assist your venue.
Automate your response to key questions – 24/7. For example, the availability of tickets or the event schedule: a chatbot can communicate directly with customers providing this information, saving your colleagues time. Clients like to ask questions at all hours of the day – let your chatbot work for you, day or night.
Build a deeper engagement with customers. Today users look for instant replies. Once they start using your chatbot, they will be hooked… using this as a source of information and becoming more comfortable and connected with the venue as a result.
Handle multiple requests at the same time. When a busy event is being held, perhaps with thousands of people in the venue, a chatbot can direct people to the right place instantly. It can answer queries such as where to buy merchandise, provide you with a list of event speakers, tell you where the toilets are… the list is endless.
Propose tickets for an event. Venue organizers of course are familiar with different software systems such as Eventbrite or TicketMaster. With a Chatbot you can direct users to these websites or simpler still, sell tickets directly in the Chatbot..
Obtain permission based useful data to understand your clients. When people sign-up they are registered onto the system, so you can extract data in real time such as demographics and when people are planning to attend your event.
Chatbots provide feedback. A chatbot can ask for feedback, send out a snap survey and aggregate that data for management in real time.
Chatbots are easy to use. At a click of the button, customers can obtain information tailored to their requirements.
Build a list. This is one of the most significant benefits from using a chatbot. You can build a list, segment it into groups, then send out emails or an SMS to specific target audiences. It is cost-effective as well, so you can have your very own ‘legacy list’ and reduce your advertising costs; perhaps even monetize too, by selling on this information to partners.
Chatbots are not only the future, but they are also here now. This user-friendly interactive technology communicates with natural language that gets smarter the more it is used. It allows event venues to have a richer communication with people, compared to email or SMS (or none at all) – and a better customer experience.

What is more, with 95% of us using mobiles to access information about venues, a Chatbot running in an app (such as Messenger for example) is the perfect and natural way to communicate.

Sign-up today and we will set you up with our Event Services Template in your very own Chatbot. For free.

Add an Event

In this section, you can start to add and configure events that will automatically appear in your ChatBot.

  • Add the Event Name (max 45 characters including spaces) , the Event Description (max 80 characters including spaces)
  • Event Start and End Date and Time.
  • If you would like to send users to a website or Facebook, enter the url.
  • Upload a picture of the event. Image to be 900 pixels x 900 pixels and in jpeg format. See previous comments about compressing jpegs.
  • If the entire event is taking place at an Event Sub-Venue then add the Sub-Venue from the Dropdown.

Invite an Event Organiser to manage content related to an event.


If your event will have Seminars and/or Exhibitors then toggle the buttons to make these options to appear in the menu.

Deploy your Chatbot

Now that your Chatbot is ready to be deployed, here are the steps to take:

  1. Choose your platform

Your Chatbot can be deployed into many different platforms. We currently support Facebook Messenger (with Instagram and WhatsApp coming soon). To deploy your Chatbot into these channels we use ManyChat.

2. Sign up with ManyChat

ManyChat is one of the biggest Bot making platforms that exists today. Sign up to ManyChat www.manychat.com and open a pro account by adding your card details. If your organisation doesn’t have a card to use for this, then please contact us at contact@eventvenues.chat to set up an alternative payment solution. To add your card details click on the Upgrade to Pro button and then Settings>Billing. More on how to do this here.

Signing into ManyChat is done using your Facebook profile.

Please ensure that your Facebook Profile has Admin rights to your organisations Facebook Page.

When signing into ManyChat, you will be asked to connect to the Facebook Pages which are associated with your Facebook Profile used when signing up.

More information on signing up to ManyChat can be found here.